Katerina Kazarina

Date of Birth: July 13, 1982
Sex: Female
Marital Status: Married, No Children

Work Experience
From October 2005 to present
Job Title: Freelance Graphic Designer (part time status)
Job Description:
Creation of logos and overall business identity, catalogues,
magazines, advertisements (print), booklets, books
(both hard cover and soft) and other print design jobs.
Full work cycle: from design layout to content management
(both text and illustration) to print prepress setup.

From April 2005 to present
Job Title:Graphic Designer (Fulltime position)
Employer: Premier art publication in Russia «Iskustvo»,
city of Moscow (Cyclical Publication)
Job Description:
Full Design and layout of a magazine. With 144 pages of content, as well
as advertisement collateral, booklets, catalogues, flyers, invitations,
pamphlets, and business cards (all in relation to the set publication).
Scanning, and image editing (color correction and touchup).
Print Prepress (full cycle of setup for print and submission to the printing house).

From July 2008 to October 2010
Job Title:Graphic Designer
Employer: State centre of modern art, city of Moscow.
An organization working in cooperation with museums and galleries,
as well as research initiatives centered around modern art.
Job Description:
Catalogue layout and design, monthly magazine layout and design, marketing
and advertisement collateral, booklets, books (both hard and soft cover)
and other print related tasks.
Full cycle: Choosing format for print, to full design layout, setup
and editing of images and illustrations, and print prepress.

Moscow state university of print and publication, city of Moscow
Graduation year: July 2007
Major: Technical print and press layout
Title given: Graphic Design Artist

Languages and technical skills:
Russian, English – Moderate knowledge
Full knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign,
Acrobat Professional, Adobe Bridge, Quark Xpress
Full knowledge of both PC and MAC platforms

Additional Information:
Driver license: Class C
Work Ethics: Ability to understand and execute the task at hand,
self-starter, motivated by the given project, creative


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